After working some years as a web-developer I just started to dedicate myself predominantly on the production of 36° virtual web tours – an aspect that I’m working on with much fun, passion and enthusiasm..

Virtual tours

Virtual web tours contain a lot of different working aspects which I perform from the beginning to the end personally and independently:

  • Aerial 360° photography (‚photo sphere‘) made by a hexacopter connected to a special high-resolution camera
  • „ground“ spherical photography in best HDR-quality
  • adjustment and enhancement of the panoramas
  • merging the different panoramas to an interactive virtual tour
  • programming and adapting additional content and design (e.g. links, hotspots, thumbnails, radar- and sattelite-view)
  • I work with Adobe Lightroom, PTgui and KRpano

After finishing my work I’ll pass the complete packet of files to you which you can easily embed in your website without any problems.


In addition to the programming of virtual tours I’m also working as a webdeveloper/ webdesigner.

I attach great importance to a personal and friendly contact to my customers. Thus, I like to get in touch with you personally by real meetings or, if you’re too far away, by calling by phone.

If you’re interested in getting in touch with me please feel free to call me or to fill in the contact form.


I’m looking forward to You!

Olaf Krebs